Thursday, June 11, 2009

When man is not a man

Let's vote for these four contestants, which one do you think is not man enough?

First contestant..........ooohhh he's look scary or is it scare?

contestant he try to catch the ball or having a feeling of licking it?

contestant #3........if you're under 18...plz ignore this contestant

and our last contestant......

what you think, very fashion heh?



  1. #1 may be faking it

    #3 hopefully is sleeping and thinks it's his own

    #4 that's got to take a lot of balls to walk around like that in puplic

    #2 This guy is just pathetic, boys are taught from the age of 5 not to be afraid of the ball. Usually being hit on purpose just to prove the pain only lasts a minute. #2 is not a man. Thank God he's not related to me.

  2. He look like a women but he is a men.

  3. ha ha ha....... lol Nice and naughty Pic.